As most Utahans, we cut our teeth hunting mule deer. This has resulted in countless days scouting and hunting for bucks worthy of punching our tags. With the decline of mule deer throughout the West, it has gotten harder and harder to find and kill big mule deer every year. We typically hunt mule deer for ourselves in as many states each year as we have time to, for the simple reason that you have to hunt in as many places as you can to try and take trophy deer. Utah has some incredible mule deer genetics and today has a few areas that produce the caliber of deer we love to hunt, either for ourselves or with others that obtain a tag.

The most notable Utah deer hunting unit is the Henry Mountains.

Because of conservative harvest, excellent habitat, recent burns and intensive management, the Henrys stands atop the list of trophy mule deer units in Utah. We have been very fortunate to have guided many hunters to some great bucks on the Henrys over the past several years. We've been able to harvest typical bucks from 202" to non-typicals scoring 245" and everything in between. We appreciate our hunters, who by hiring us to assist them on their hunts, have allowed us to spend hundreds of days on the Henrys searching for bucks worthy of a Henry Mountains tag. We enjoy every minute of it. We make it a personal challenge to find the best bucks alive on the Henry Mountains and stick with them until season arrives. 

Despite the Henry Mountains unit being our favorite Utah deer unit, we also guide deer hunts on the Paunsaugunt, San Juan Elk Ridge, Fillmore Oak Creek, and LaSal Dolores Triangle units as our schedules allow. Tags in these units are tough to draw but they offer great opportunities at trophy bucks.


​In addition to the state draw permits, the Utah Division of Wildlife also allocates deer permits for nearly all Utah limited entry units to non-profit wildlife conservation organizations to auction. When purchased, these conservation permits are tax-deductible and allow hunters to secure a tag without having to draw a permit. These permits are typically sold at various fundraising events from January through May each year. Call us for more information on these conservation permits or our deer hunting options.​ We offer free hunt consultation as you consider your bonus points in choosing a unit that will meet your trophy expectations.







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