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Aaron and I are natives of southern Utah, being born and raised in Monticello at the foot of the Abajo Mountains. Our dad David hauled us through the hills beginning at a very young age, instilling in us the love of wild places and the challenges of getting to places few are willing to go. This immersion in the outdoors so early on began the lifetime pursuit of finding the best places to hunt in the western U.S. and the motivation to seek out the kind of trophy animals that keep us always looking forward to the next hunt. Now our Dad accompanies us a bunch of our guided hunts and we get to enjoy our time together as a team on some incredible trips. We love to hunt for ourselves and we apply heavily throughout the western U.S. for tags each year. Below are some photos of our personal hunts. -Adam

Adam Bronson

Adam has a bachelor’s degree in Biology/Botany from Southern Utah University and a master’s degree in Wildlife Biology from Utah State University. His graduate research project involved conducting a ground inventory of scarce water sources used by Desert Bighorn sheep on the Kaiparowits Plateau in southern Utah. Throughout his schooling years, Adam guided many hunts for mule deer and elk in Utah and Colorado for different outfitters. After college he was hired by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources as a wildlife biologist in southern Utah and managed the Kaiparowits, Escalante, Mount Dutton, Paunsaugunt, Panguitch Lake, and portions of the Plateau Boulder and Zion hunting units. Adam worked for the Utah DWR for nearly 5 years, and when he chose to leave state employment to pursue other opportunities he was working as the statewide Big Game Project Leader. In this position he was responsible for overseeing special projects, transplants, etc. for Bighorn sheep and other big game species. In addition to being a hunting guide, Adam is the co-owner of Epic Outdoors, a western big game hunting magazine and consulting service. Although he loves to hunt anything, anywhere, he especially loves to hunt Bighorn sheep and trophy mule deer. This is what led him to begin guiding hunts along with his brother Aaron as a means to hunt sheep more than just a few times in a lifetime, and to pursue giant mule deer with clients in places where tags don’t come around very often. Adam and his family live in Cedar City, Utah.

Aaron Bronson

Aaron has a bachelor’s degree in Geography from Utah State University. During his schooling Aaron also started guiding for deer and elk in southern Utah. After graduation he was hired by Wyoming Game and Fish as an GIS Analyst. Aaron worked for the Wyoming Game and Fish for three and a half years when he decided to return to Utah to accept a job with Select Engineering Services, again as a GIS Analyst. When he’s not at work, he is outdoors and pursuing his passion of hunting and guiding. To him, getting off the beaten path and finding new places is what it's all about. Guiding allows him these opportunities, and like Adam, loves Bighorn sheep and trophy mule deer. Realizing you don't get enough individual opportunities during a lifetime to chase such trophies, guiding has been a means of getting to hunt them on a yearly basis. Aaron and his family live in West Haven, Utah.


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