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We love hunting sheep! Our crew has outfitted over 150 sheep hunts in our years of guiding sheep hunters, and we have no plans of slowing down! Bighorn sheep and some of the amazing places in which they are found are what we love. We guide in all the Desert Bighorn and Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep units in Utah. No matter the species, we enjoy the challenges and effort it requires to find the best rams available for our hunters. We also are a Master Guide in Nevada and are driven to finding the best rams in each unit there for our hunters. We have also guided in several units in northern Arizona for Desert bighorn. Let us know if we can help you with your sheep hunt in Utah, Nevada, or northern Arizona. 


There is a wide variety of sheep units within Utah, Nevada, and Arizona in terms of physical difficulty and type of access. Some are comprised of easier terrain, with high sheep numbers and 4x4 vehicle or ATV access and minimal hiking. Others are strictly 7-10 day backpack hunts into some of the most rugged Desert sheep country in the world, with relatively few sheep. No matter what your limitations are or the type of experience you’re looking for, we can help match you to the unit and style of hunt you want. We can also help you acquire the gear required to make your sheep hunt much more enjoyable. Proper clothing, footwear, backpacking equipment, and other sheep hunting gear are critical to making your hunt successful. Our team of guides and spotters are extremely experienced and take hunting sheep very seriously, helping make your sheep hunting experience one that lives up to the once-in-a-lifetime designation of these awesome animals!

It is key to match the unit you're considering applying for with your expectations of the hunt, drawing odds, ram quality, your physical limitations, and other considerations. We offer free hunt consultation prior to the draw to evaluate your bonus points and the units that we feel would provide you the best hunt. Don’t hesitate to give us a call or send an email.


In addition to the state draw permits, the Utah Division of Wildlife also allocates 10-12 sheep permits a year to non-profit wildlife conservation organizations such as Utah Foundation for North American Wild Sheep. These conservation permits are available for Desert, California, and Rocky Mountain Bighorn units, and when purchased at auction are tax-deductible. These permits are typically sold at various fundraising events from January through April each year. Similar tags are available in Nevada each year as well. Call us for more information on these conservation permits or with anything regarding Bighorn sheep hunting. 

We took 11 sheep hunters in 2023 and all of them took home great rams! We have been able to maintain 100% harvest success on our sheep hunts, and that record is something we are committed to keeping. We typically guide between 10 and 15 sheep hunts per year between Utah and Nevada, and book our hunters on a first come first served basis. Below are the rams we've taken for our clients over the years. Let us know if you draw a sheep tag, we'd look forward to helping you make the most of your opportunity to hunt sheep!












Nevada Desert Bighorn Guides
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