We offer guided hunts on Utah's famous Henry Mountains for wild free-ranging Bison as our schedules allow. These hunts are the real deal if you are looking for a serious hunt for one of North America's iconic species. Bison originating from Yellowstone National Park were introduced into this area of southern Utah in 1941, and the herd now numbers approximately 400. Both hunters-choice permits and cow-only permits are issued annually. The Bison herd on the Henry Mountains is unique in that it is one of the few herds in the United States that are genetically pure, free-ranging, and brucelocis-free. Contrary to many other Bison herds in the U.S., these Bison are very much wild, and occupy some remote and rugged terrain; often roaming long distances and offer hunters a real challenge. The odds of drawing a tag for Bison in Utah's Henry Mountains are very steep but the experience that awaits the lucky hunter is unlike any other Bison hunting opportunity. There are also a limited number of conservation permits that can be purchased for Bison on the Henry Mountains which allow a hunter to secure a hunting permit without waiting to draw.